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Goal 556 tk tattoo on the face

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about knights
my knights are something special to me, I don't make knights of the first person I meet who decided to give me great advice, my knights are those whom I have known for a long time and with whom I have a connection, with whom I can discuss any topic and behave freely and naturally, these are people who accept me for who I am, they support me and take care of me, for which I am very grateful to them
What made me really happy
My knight Ray (calboy48) gave me flowers, it was very touching for me! Now, I am truly the happiest woman in the world, thank you for making me happy every day, thank you for being with me, I love you
let's talk about cats <3
I have 2 cats, I'd like to tell you about them black and white Felix,thick and striped Umka they have a complicated relationship,maybe they're gay, have a burning passion as they lick each other and sleep together, Umka inferior a bowl of food, waiting for Felix's first eat(very cute),but after a few minutes they are already a family dispute and the battle starts (they argue about which of them great) they especially like to do it at night when I sleep,it is necessary to separate this pair Felix likes to sleep on my chest, and Umka likes to lie on my face, when he does this, he annoys me because he is fat, and because of him I wake up because I can't breathe, and he will do this to me every morning. I love my cats, do you have pets?
in our studio, a competition is held in several cities,!Of course, I also want to participate in a trip to Cyprus and maybe even win, of course this is a high competition for girls, I hope that my men want me to win, and I, in turn, will try to come up with as many interesting shows for you as possible!contest until July 1
room rule
1) don't send spam!!!!! 2) dark gray users, I don't do anything for free, don't waste your and my time denigrating you with "fast tits, please, bb", it doesn't work in this room 3) god forbid masturbation, anal and other filth, which I don't do at all, I don't have a dildo, and I don't like it 4) please ask me which show I do privately and exclusively - it's a big difference 5) DO NOT USE UPPERCASE LETTERS


asmr with slime
asmr with slime
When I'm not with you
When I'm not with you

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